Natural fibers

Natural fibers are greatly delicate substances with their own qualities produced by plants and animals that can be cashmere , cotton , wool .


we always take care of what are we wearing, how it looks, is it comfortable, made of what so here is the answer we always prefer to make natural fiber made product instead of synthetic fiber but we can make synthetic made product also only on customer demand for the comfortability of the wearer . Natural fiber gives us a feeling of comfort, confidence, makes us more stylish and most importantly natural fibers are environment friendly.

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Here we are talking about the natural fiber than firstly cashmere comes into everyone’s mind because cashmere is the most luxurious and expensive fiber it produces long lasting products as well as the most beautiful and 8 times more warmer than wool .In winter ,wool is widely used fiber than any other it gives us warmth ,its absorbency creates comfort , takes dye beautifully and also non –allergic but in summer we always go for the cotton because cotton is soft , breathable , has absorbancy factor which makes it more lighter . Cotton comes with great appearance and the drape-ability of cotton is amazing.

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If we talk about synthetic fiber, it can be allergic, less absorbent, can give rough feel and not skin friendly as well as sometimes uncomfortable for long wearing.
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